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Sound Waves: Pitch is Related to Length of Instruments

Explore a variety of instruments and materials and investigate how the length of a vibrating object compares to the pitch it makes. Options include paint sticks, tuning forks, recorders, and a guitar. Kids gain first-hand knowledge of this concept: that longer instruments make lower pitches.


What's Included:

✅ Instructions written directly to the student

✅ Student Sheet for capturing observations

✅ Answer Key to Student Sheet

✅ Teacher Notes with prep, set up, and explanations.


This Resource Is Great For:

❑ Whole class activity

❑ Group work

❑ Station work


Questions Answered:

How does the size of an object affect the pitch it makes when it vibrates?

What happens to the pitch of a guitar string as it is shortened?

What happens to the pitch of a recorder as more and more holes are covered?


Topics & Concepts Addressed:

Longer (and larger) objects vibrate with lower natural frequencies than smaller ones. The longer a guitar string is, the lower the note will be.

The more holes you cover on a recorder, the lower the note it will make.


Materials Needed

Tuning forks, Rubber bands, Paint sticks, Guitar, Recorders, Xylophone


Preparation Needed

gather materials

Sound Waves: Pitch is Related to Length of Instruments


    Answer Keys and Teacher Notes address most questions and issues that might arise in this study—you shouldn’t have to do any outside research unless you want to.

    Connect with me: If you have questions or problems, please let me know and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


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