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About Me

I started as a high school physics teacher before spending ten years at the Smithsonian writing educational materials for the National Air and Space Museum. Later our family helped to start a school for which I wrote the science curriculum. When seventh grade was added, I joined the faculty teaching middle school science and absolutely loved it! Curriculum development, a common thread throughout my career, is now my full time gig.

Things you may or may not find interesting about me:

  • I grew up on an island.


  • I’m frequently well rested but never tanned.


  • I’ve lived in eight former British colonies. One of these became former while I was living there.


  • I have an American heritage and a British education. Spell Check is my bff.

  • My only high school sport was synchronized swimming.


  • I love everyday science. The whiz-bang stuff is pretty cool, too.


  • I’ve wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember.


  • I've dragged my kids to pretty much every science museum within 50 miles of our vacations.  And they thanked me for it.​


  • Worst idea ever. Trying to boil a dead snake for its skeleton. Thankfully I was at a friend’s beach house where the neighbors didn’t know me. (I think the stench reached the next county.) That was more than ten years ago and our kids still talk about it.


  • Best field trip ever. Physics Day at Six Flags. Though the Maryland Science Center was a pretty close second.


  • Best Job Ever? That’s a tough one since I’ve loved nearly every one and I’ve had a pile. Perhaps designing science exhibits for a children’s museum… It thoroughly changed how I perceived learning and teaching.


  • Hardest Job Ever? Being a mom, hands down. It’s also the best, but I really don’t consider it a job :)


  • Favorite Unit to Teach? Whatever is my current unit; I get that engrossed.


  • Worldview? That all that I am and all that I’ve done is because of Jesus and what He’s done for me. Hands down.


I’m glad you’re here, and if you read to the end of this list, thank you!

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