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Motion and Graphing Lab Investigation | Constant Motion in 1 Dimension

Student will track a battery-powered car as it travels across the floor. By taking measurements and then graphing this data, students will begin to develop an understanding of how to read motion graphs. Both speed and distance graphs are analyzed. 


By starting with the scientific phenomena, you'll be intrigued and excited to dig deeper into the why’s and how’s of each scientific concept. Beautifully illustrated and well laid out, these lab activities are easy to use from the very first page. Experiments are clearly organized and written to the student so they do not need to be pre-digested by a teacher before beginning. Helpful tips throughout the experiments and the Teacher Notes leave the reader in no doubt about how to perform or understand an experiment. Designed for students and optimized for teachers, these labs will engage and fascinate students. Scaffolded writing prompts allow students of different abilities to engage with the same content. Both the teacher and the student are addressed so no additional books are needed. Engaging Science Labs are useful for classroom or homeschool environments. 


Concepts Addressed

  • Objects in motion tend to remain in motion. 
  • Forces are not required to perpetuate motion.
  • Distance vs. time graphs depicting constant motion are always a positive-sloping, straight line.


Materials Needed

battery-powered car, meter stick


Time Required

This lab will take about 45 minutes


Student Sheets

• Scaffolded writing prompts & lab reporting 


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Motion and Graphing Lab Investigation | Constant Motion in 1 Dimension


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