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  • How do I sign into the membership?
    Click HERE to go to the home page for the membership. Look in the upper right for tiny text that says "Login" (on mobile you'll see a pull-down menu with the same text). That's the link! Click it to go to the sign-in form. Sign in with the email you used to make your account. This video shows you how:
  • Who is the membership for?
    The membership gives you access to all of the resources. It's intended for teachers, but should work well for homeschoolers as well. It is not designed as a student site.
  • What will I find inside the membership?
    All of the resources sold on this site are inside the membership. They're organized into units for ease of use, but you can use the lab activities in any order.
  • Are videos included?
    Many, but not all of the labs have video directions. Videos are intended as a support, they show you how to do a lab, but shouldn't take the place of doing a lab. Currently I'm spending more time writing new labs than I am filming so the newest units do not have videos yet.
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